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Join us
September 17th in Huntsville, AL

Focus on America's first annual fundraiser event!

Meet the Speakers

Focus on America is proud to welcome

Patriots with Proven Uniting and Pushing Power!

Rules and Regulations

Please Read Prior to Attending Our Event

**Event Rules and Regulations**


We are excited to have you join us at our event! To ensure a fantastic experience for all attendees, we kindly request your cooperation in adhering to the following rules and regulations:


1. **Photo and Social Media Sharing:**

Feel free to capture and share your event experience by taking individual photos and sharing them on your social media platforms. We encourage you to tag us using the official event hashtag and to mention "Focus on America" in your posts. Let's create memories together!


2. **Seating Availability:**

Seating at the event is available on a first-come, first-served basis, excluding seats reserved for speakers and special guests. Arrive early to secure your preferred spot.


3. **No Large Bags:**

For the convenience and safety of all attendees, please refrain from bringing large bags, backpacks, suitcases, or oversized items to the event area. Small purses and bags are allowed, but they will be subject to inspection at the entrance. Help us expedite the entry process by traveling light.


4. **No Outside Food or Drinks:**

We kindly ask that you refrain from bringing outside food and beverages into the event premises. Food and drink options will be available onsite. Exceptions may be made for attendees with dietary restrictions, attendees with infants, or medical needs, provided they receive prior approval from event organizers.


5. **Security Check and Bag Inspection:**

As part of our commitment to your safety, all attendees are subject to undergo security checks and bag inspections at the entrance. Your cooperation is appreciated as we work to create a secure environment for everyone.


6. **Compliance with Staff and Officials:**

We kindly ask that you follow the guidance provided by event staff, security personnel, and authorized officials. Failing to do so may result in removal from the event premises.


7. **Respectful Behavior:**

Treat fellow attendees, event staff, vendors, and performers with respect and consideration. Offensive behavior, harassment, or disruptions will not be tolerated and are subject to removal from event.


8. **Lost and Found:**

Our event organizers have established a designated Lost and Found area. If you lose an item or discover one, please inform the nearest event staff member.


9. **No Smoking or Vaping:**

Smoking, vaping, and the use of tobacco or recreational substances are prohibited within the event premises, except in designated smoking areas if available.


10. **Age Restrictions and ID Requirements:**

Some events may have age restrictions or require attendees to present valid identification for entry. Our Meet and Greet will have alcohol available and will be subject to strict age restrictions according to Alabama State Law.


11. **Ticket Holder Responsibility:**

As an attendee, you are responsible for your belongings and actions during the event. The event organizers, sponsors, and venue are not liable for any loss, damage, or injury incurred during the event.


Violation of these rules may lead to ejection from the event without refund of the ticket price. Thank you for your cooperation, and we look forward to sharing an incredible event experience with you!

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