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Cathy O'Brien

MK Ultra Survivor

Cathy O’Brien has been speaking out for over 35 years on her experience in MK Ultra mind control and

healing from it.

Knowledge is our defense against mind control, and Cathy’s experience empowers her insight into far

reaching effects of mind control on society today and what you can do to reclaim, protect, and expand

your free thought.

In 1995 when the US National Security Act was invoked on her testimony for US Congressional

Permanent Select Committees on Intelligence Oversight, her testimony was released through her book

TRANCE Formation of America, written with Mark Phillips.

The documentary movie, TRANCE the Cathy O’Brien story if Mind Control Human Slavery and Healing

the Nation provides comprehensive insight into how mind control affects us all and how we can reclaim

freedom just as Cathy did.

In 1988, intelligence insider Mark Phillips rescued Cathy and her then 8-year-old daughter, Kelly right

out of the Washington DC human trafficking swamp. Using methods gained in mind sciences, he taught

Cathy how to remember what she’d been programmed to forget and reclaim control over her own mind

and life. These methods are detailed in her books ACCESS DENIED For Reasons of National Security and

PTSD: Time to Heal.

Together, for 30 years, Mark and Cathy would speak out globally to raise awareness on human

trafficking and the corruption permeating the highest levels of government. Mark’s untimely passing in

2017 would lead Cathy into the next chapter of her journey. In order to cope with the loss of her hero

and soul mate, Cathy reapplied methods in PTSD: Time to Heal and consciously chose to complete their

shared life’s purpose by asserting her strength of spirit and raising awareness on truth that makes us


Cathy O'Brien
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