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Lt. Col David "T-Bone" Trombly, USMC Ret

Naturally Cured from Cancer

Lt Col David “T-Bone” Trombly retired in 2019 after serving our nation for 25 years. As required by an F/A-18 Hornet pilot, withstanding 7G’s sets the tone of David’s never-quit warrior mentality, something in which Marines take pride. Following his first successful deployment overseas, this warrior’s toothache resulted in a terminal cancer diagnosis. Suddenly, David’s primary mission changed. He was to fight in a different war back home than his fellow Warriors who were engaged overseas in the War on Terror. Victory upon victory, cancer cured, and back in the air, David flight instructed for three more tours of duty. His military career culminated in training Student Naval Aviators and first-tour Flight Instructors as the Reserve Senior Marine at Naval Air Station Whiting Field in Milton, FL. For his final flight as an Active Duty Marine, he proudly shared the cockpit with his very last student and fellow Marine: his oldest son, 2ndLt Alex Trombly.
In the prime of his career, David Trombly received the shocking news that he had a rare terminal cancer, a Primary Lymphoma of Bone, from which there had never been a military survivor. With this knowledge, he and his wife, Megan, embarked upon the difficult research of alternative biological medical treatments. This propelled them into not only a battle for David’s life but also for his military career. Journey with David and Megan through ambushes, EMCON, and reconnaissance missions all the way to Washington D.C.’s highest military medical court in this exciting, true story of courage and peace as told in the pages of GROUNDED AND CURED.
David and Megan needed a fighting spirit to pioneer ground-breaking holistic and alternative medical strategies, but they had something even more powerful. A peace that passes all understanding undergirded them to withstand the traumatic cancer battle they fought. Their own life experiences and God-given discipline yielded not only an education for themselves but for others. Since David’s cancer-free proclamation in 2001, the couple have encouraged hundreds of families battling cancer. Among their continued weaponry for quality health, quality water ranks near the top. And T-BONE doesn’t hold back in telling-it-like-it-is when it comes to the nationwide challenge we face with poor water quality and toxicity. (See Water Filtration Systems at
David and Megan’s greatest prayer is that through their efforts in educating others, many will find victory in the journey that they are called to walk. Whether a broken relationship, PTSD, job loss, depression, injustice, a deadly diagnosis, or the loss of someone dear, they hope that GROUNDED AND CURED will deliver a powerful message of peace and hope for their valley. A published author and sought-after motivational speaker, David also serves as Chaplain for Pensacola’s professional Hockey Team—the Pensacola Ice Flyers, and the local J.R. Spears Detachment #066 of the Marine Corps League, and the Gold Star Families in the Florida panhandle area. He and his wife, Megan, have six children and reside in Pensacola, Florida.
Post-publishing Update to BIO: Since publishing “Grounded And Cured” the world experienced COVID and T-Bone found himself thrust into the next great challenge.  Unlike T-Bone who faced his battle as an individual battling the military medical system, the entire Armed Forces of the United States were given an unlawful order in the form of the Presidential COVID-vaccine mandate. Using his testimony as a platform to speak up and speak out for his military brothers and sisters, T-Bone advocated for over a year and a half to see thirteen Marines in Pensacola be returned to flight status.  Eleven of the thirteen were reinstated while two were separated before their careers could be saved by the Courts and Congress.  Today, T-Bone and his wife, Megan, continue to advocate for all the vaccine-injured Warriors which includes their own Marine son, and to see all military members removed from the service be reinstated at their current rank and with back pay.  For additional information on how to support the vaccine-injured military members and the pending legislation to end the medical tyranny and return military members back to service reach out to T-Bone via his contact page at

Lt. Col David "T-Bone" Trombly, USMC Ret
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